Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Much Needed Kick in the Pants For Indie Rock

Nothing pisses me off more than faux-hipsters, not even real hipsters. If I have already heard of a band, telling me about how great it is is a surefire way to piss me off. I don't care about how great you think MGMT or Passion Pit is. You need to not be a noob at music.

If your favorite band is in a TV commercial, it's time to find a new favorite band.

The following is a comment about Andrew Bird made by some music noob on Facebook:
"he has to be one of the most progressive musicians around today. his music is very dissonant, and very experimental. he's like a mostly acoustic radio head with a folk string band. I freaking dig."

What anyone who is pro about the music scene reads is this:

"I'm a noob who knows nothing about music, but I'm gonna pretend I do by using words I don't know the meaning of."

First of all, this noob doesn't know what dissonance is.

This is Glenn Branca. He is important. His music is very important. His music is a prime example of the use of dissonance to achieve a unique sound. In layman's terms, if it doesn't give you a headache, it's not dissonant.

There's also the remark music noob made about Andrew Bird being "very experimental", but I'm to annoyed to write much more.

I'm not saying that Andrew Bird sucks. I'm just saying that you should never express any appreciation for anything you find enjoyable.