Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Beach Boys are the new Velvet Underground

Whenever something they like gets even mildly popular, everyone either deny ever liking it or will insist that they liked it before everyone else did.

This leads to hipsters' constant appreciation of things no one cares about, like The Beach Boys.

No one under the age of 60 cares about The Beach Boys, so now hipsters are starting to not only listen to The Beach Boys, but also start bands that rip off The Beach Boys, like how Animal Collective has vocal harmonies and Vampire Weekend has embraced California.

If you want to sound like a music expert, say your favorite album of all time is Pet Sounds. Trust me on this one, people will be asking you to recommend music to them for years.

Fleet Foxes dude ripping off the Beach Boys' look.

This is a band that I found out about via Gorilla vs. Bear that blatantly rips off The Beach Boys.