Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Grammys Still Suck

Remember last year when we all thought that the Grammys weren't going to suck as much because Radiohead was nominated for best album?

Remember when Radiohead didn't actually win best album?

Remember who did get best album? I don't. (Coldplay maybe?)

The Grammys have gone right back to sucking. And I'm going to talk about how this years Grammy nominations suck.

The record of the year thing is full of lame albums that aren't worth typing about so I'll skip that.

Remember last year when No Age was nominated for best packaging?

Remember finding out that they had an award for best packaging?

MGMT and Silversun Pickups are all nominated for best artist despite having been in car commercials for the past 4 years. And Oracular Spectacular came out in 2007. 2007!

MGMT is nominated for some group vocals category for Kids. Seriously? If any alternative band should be nominated for this, it's Animal Collective. What with their Beach Boys influences and all.

That David Byrne and Brian Eno album is nominated for best alternative album. I think it should win because it's better than the new Phoenix and the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Although, that Phoenix album is really good. This one's going to be a close race.

No lo-fi album nominated for best packaging this year. Neko Case is in there though.

Apparently, surround sound albums exist. I guess Zaireeka turned out to be like influential and stuff.