Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Congratulations, the new MGMT album is going to suck.

So MGMT have this new album coming out in like April 13 called Congratulations. It's going to suck.

Let's take a look at the tracklist they released:

01 It's Working
02 Song for Dan Treacy
03 Someone's Missing
04 Flash Delirium
05 I Found a Whistle
06 Siberian Breaks
07 Brian Eno
08 Lady Dada's Nightmare
09 Congratulations

(BTW, what's the point of releasing a track list? It's like if you made a movie and then were like, this is a list of the names all the scenes will be when the DVD comes out and you go to scene selection. It's retarded, really.)

7 is an obvious attempt to seem like they know what the hell they're doing. (No one knows what they're doing. And those that realize they don't know what they're doing often turn out to be the best bands.)

8 just is like "WTF? Seriously? What are you guys on and where can I get some?"

Okay, now on to why it's gonna suck.

Here's how things like this go:

1. Band releases half-decent debut album with like 2/3 catchy songs.
2. Band gets hyped a crapload despite mediocre critical reception.
3. Band ends up in various car commercials and plays a few late night shows.
4. Band announces 2nd album and gets hyped even more craploads.
5. 2nd album sucks and major backlash commences.

Trust me. I know this stuff.